Committee Chair

Veerle KeppensCurrent Chair

Veerle M. Keppens
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Department Head, & Director of the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials
The University of Tennessee

Previous Committee Chairs

Name Years in Office
Theodore Litovitz 1960–1961
Isadore Rudnick 1961–1963
Robert T. Beyer 1963–1964
Herbert J. McSkimin 1964–1966
Hans E. Bommel 1966–1967
Ronald K. Eby 1967–1968
Mack A. Breazeale 1968–1971
Bill D. Cook 1971–1973
Osman K. Mawardi 1973–1975
Frederick H. Fisher 1975–1977
Robert E. Apfel 1977–1979
Walter G. Mayer 1979–1984
Anthony J. Rudgers 1984–1987
Gilles A. Daigle 1987–1990
Wayne M. Wright 1990–1993
Anthony A. Atchley 1993–1996
James M. Sabatier 1996–1999
Robert Keolian 1999–2003
Thomas J. Matula 2003–2005
Murray S. Korman 2005–2008
Ronald A. Roy 2008–2011
Albert Migliori 2011–2014
Josh Gladden 2014–2017